Credit Restoration That Never Sleeps !

Credit Restoration Done for Six Full Months !     
For the Service Charge Only !!! 

Our cost is the Service charge only with no other charges.     Call 1-843-793-4292 for FREE Quote and Information on how you can START TODAY !!!  Get a FREE copy of your Credit Report by going to and fax it to 201-301-8887 we can review it for you for FREE!    THE ONLY THING HOLDING YOU FROM GOOD CREDIT IS YOU !!! CALL !
 Realtors & Mortgage Co's - Help People with Credit Problems
In Most cases Realtors & Mortgage Officers Net Earnings goes up a Minimum of 20% in the first year by helping people to restore their credit and buying homes, just by getting them into a Credit Restoring Program.  Don't let anyone walk away !


Send a copy of your Report to for a FREE review, if we can help you we will !




Use our "One on One" Personal Service, "We Care for You".

There's no one we know that can offer this one time chance to help yourself, your Family, and Yourself to the Credit and Respect your deserve.

You can E-mail my office with any questions you may have to  

Atlantic Repair LLC. is a Credit Repair Service that costs less and does more.

Most Companies charge between $900.00 & $1200.00 to set up an account to fix your credit we don't. Our charges are way less then all of the other companies and there's no monthly charges, one charge and we will dispute your credit till your done.

Call our message line and leave your Telephone Number with a good time to call or Speak to us Direct.

Let's get you into a new Credit Life & The Respect your deserve.

You can call 843-793-4292 and leave a message with your contact information 24X7

E-Mail with your Telephone number and a good time to speak with you so we can begin. 11 Years of experience in Credit Restoration is yours, don't miss this chance.
Edisto Beach 
Fix your Credit so you can enjoy Life.

Go To  to Learn how we will Repair your credit.

Mortgage Companies can also join the Referral Program which returns Borrowers to their Mortgage Broker after their Credit has been Restored, so the Borrowers loans can be approved...

You will receive a full SIX MONTHS of Credit Repair  
Real solutions for America !!

NO EXTRA MONTHLY CHARGES one set up fee and that's it !

Atlantic Repair LLC.-We can Help

Let's try this: How Much can a Great Credit Score save you per Month, Year, and for the life of the Loan. LOOK !!!
You can find this on



30 Yr fixed mortgage

FICO® score APR [?] Monthly payment
760-850 4.142% $1,441
700-759 4.274% $1,480
680-699 4.451% $1,511
660-679 4.665% $1,550
640-659 5.095% $1,628
620-639 5.641% $1,730

If you have a 620 score you pay $1,770 per month.

If you improve your scores to 700 you'll pay $$1,480 per month.

That saves $290.00 a month
                      $3,480.00 per year
AND         $104,400.00 for the life of the loan.

Now what is Cheaper, paying more with a low score ? Or saving thousands by having your Credit Report worked on ?

      Call Atlantic Repair LLC. Today !     Local Number 843-793-4292
You will pay $1,730 a Month for a "620" FICO Score
You could pay $1,441 a month for a "700" FICO Score
By having better scores you will save:

Per Month Saving      $289.00

Per Year Saving        $3,468.00

Per 30 years of the loan you could save,

That is the Money your loosing because you did not get your Credit Repaired.

Now do you want to help youself and pay less for anything connected to your

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